The 10 Best Personalized Products to Give as Gifts

According to a recent study, 55% of Americans are completely stressed out by gift-giving. At the same time, a significant 30% are worried about gifting someone the “perfect” present.

It’s time to shake off that pressure with gifts that work for virtually every single person on your list: personalized products they’ll love!

From your techie colleague to your tween niece, everyone will appreciate the thought and consideration that goes into creating a one-of-a-kind item just for them. The good news? You can personalize more items than you might realize!

Today, we’re sharing 10 of the best products just waiting for you to add your own special touch.

1. Picture Puzzle

There are some photographs that are treasured forever. From weddings and babies to graduations and family reunions, we love to memorialize our most special moments. 

If you’re searching for the perfect gift, consider creating a custom puzzle out of your loved’s ones favorite pictures! Not only is this a fun activity for everyone to do together, but the final result is priceless. Add a same-size frame and you’ve got a truly unique piece of wall art they’ll cherish for years to come. 

2. T-Shirt

Does your loved one wear their heart on their sleeve? With a custom-printed T-shirt, the answer is always “yes”!

In addition to screen-printing an image onto a solid-colored tee, you can also add special quotes or other meaningful text, such as a favorite poem or song lyric. If you live in a colder climate, upgrade to a custom hoodie and they’ll thank you when the temperatures start to dip.

3. Bedding

If you’re sending a gift to a long-distance family member or significant other, custom bedding is a great option! It can be hard to be separated from the ones we love, and this gift can help bridge that gap. Personalize it with special photos they’ll love, along with sweet messages of comfort. 

From comforters and pillowcases to sheet sets and blankets, you can find a wide array of products that are both soft and special. This is a particularly heart-warming way to celebrate a beloved family pet!

4. Rugs and Mats

The threshold is the first thing someone sees when they enter a home. Why not pay homage to your friend’s incredible style with a personalized door mat that she’ll adore? While there are plenty of ready-made options, it can be hard to find one that completely captures her character.

To solve this dilemma, you can always add your own custom text to a design-ready product! This is also a great gift for that one family member who has a trademark catchphrase you want to capture forever.

5. Socks

OK, hear us out. Yes, socks and sweaters are commonly designated as groan-worthy gifts, but they’re the unsung heroes of the gift-giving realm!

These days, custom socks, in particular, are having a major moment.

The possibilities are nearly endless, and you can make this present as serious or hilarious as you prefer. That one picture of your uncle that everyone loves to rib him about? Why just let it live on social media when you can turn it into a stylish sock pattern that he can secretly rock under his loafers?

6. Kitchen Towel

Looking for a special gift that will make your loved one well up with gratitude? Consider customizing a beautiful kitchen tea towel with an image of a handwritten family recipe.

Look for one that’s time-honored and much-loved by your relatives, such as your grandmother’s go-to chocolate chip cookie recipe, or your dad’s recipe for homemade burgers. Add a set of wooden spoons and a hot mitt, and you’ve got a thoughtful gift that’s chocked full of meaning. 

7. Stickers

Not sure if your best friend would want a set of vinyl stickers with her likeness on it? Consider how many items she can discreetly claim as her own, now!

Personalized stickers are a great way to gently remind everyone that’s your charger, laptop, tumbler and more. They also make great gifts for pet lovers, as they can easily be affixed to leashes, pet bowls, and other accessories. Look for ones that are microwave- and dishwasher-safe so they can use them for years.

8. Coasters

It’s easy to forget about coasters, but as soon as you notice a water ring on your favorite dining room table, you’ll wish you had a complete set of them.

Custom photo coasters make a great and practical gift for any homeowner. Add a single photo you know they’ll love, and create a sophisticated set of uniform ones. Or, upload a series of photos for a fun and eclectic touch. This is also a great gift to pair with a custom coffee mug!

9. Magnet

Who said refrigerator magnets have to be boring or gaudy? Gone are the days when your only choices were dull, solid spheres or oversized vacation mementos.

Now, you can create custom photo magnets using images already saved on your device! This is a great way to actually enjoy all those snaps you’ve saved on your phone.

Design a set of five or 10 and give them to someone who will love to look at them every day. If any of your friends or family members are parents, you can create a magnet with each child’s face on it so they can proudly display homemade artwork with ease!

10. Cutting Board

At a loss over what to give someone who seems to have everything? You can’t go wrong with a classic, great-quality cutting board. This sturdy kitchen mainstay is essential to protecting their countertops, but most inexpensive versions are flimsy and sub-par.

Personalize a cutting board with your loved one’s last initial to create a gift they’ll use and enjoy. Pair it with all the extras needed to make a world-class charcuterie board, and they may invite you to stay and try it out!

Personalized Products Show Time and Thought

At the end of the day, we all just want to feel understood and appreciated. While there’s always a place for cash, gift cards and off-the-shelf products, nothing says “You’re special to me” quite like personalized products. 

This list can help inspire your next purchase, but it’s far from exhaustive. Feel free to shop our full selection of products today and get started on your next design!